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Whether you're a retailer looking for the best quality products to offer your customers, or a DIY/Contractor looking for the best solution to a long time challenge, BPMI is designing products and tools for you.

As a consumer product manufacturer, we provide fast turnaround of high-quality, low-cost products. The consumer product manufacturing facilities at BPMI features dedicated, on-site "imagineers" lead by a combined 100 years of contractor's experience in the construction industry, conducting research & development of new ideas for simple products that work for the everyday person.

BPMI is proud of its growing reputation for excellence in "simple products that work". We are dedicated to continually testing, designing and improving current and new products to ensure quality and maximum function. Maintaining our standing of being the world's best at what we do is important to us and what you expect from a name like BPMI.

BPMI – Made in the USA

To provide you with service excellence, our facility features automated processes designed to reduce labor costs, save you money and time. In fact, with automation in place, we find our program is more competitively priced if manufactured in the U.S. than your offshore alternatives. We strive to use raw materials, labor and packaging for all of our products "only" from the United States. It's important we know what goes into our products from the smallest Pierce and Seal O-ring seal to the automated equipment used to produce the Drywall Plug and Fireguard Plug.

President's Message

As a master remodeling contractor for my own company, BME, Inc, and with over 30 years of hands on experience in the construction field, I had many ideas that made my work easier.

With an arsenal of ideas and as this economy hit all of us contractors hard, I saw more people starting to do their own small repairs. Although many of the results were less than professional quality, I saw the opportunity to pass on the tricks of the trade I have been using for years. It’s apparent to me that the average Do-It-Yourself individual wants and needs simple products that produced professional results.

My first product was the Drywall Plug and Fireguard Plug. The need for an easier, permanent and better way to fix holes in drywall was very apparent.

There are many types of drywall repair patches, drywall repair kits, drywall repair clips and various types of tricks and ideas. However, none of those products can claim all of these:

  • Made of Real Drywall
  • Easy to Install
  • A "TRUE" Permanent Drywall Repair
  • Installs in minutes
  • No previous drywall repair experience needed
  • Retails for under $9
  • Not a clip
  • Not a metal patch
  • Not made of plastic
  • Not made to hide the damage
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Drywall Plug is made from 1/2" thick U.S. made drywall. It installs and finished better, faster and easier than the typical wall patch.

The Fireguard Plug is made from 5/8" thick U.S. made drywall and maintains the fire rating in firewalls. It is currently the only firewall repair product that allows fast repairs for commercial applications without the need of having to go stud to stud.

The Pierce & Seal is another great product that will hit home with both contractors and homeowners. The old nail in the nozzle didn’t work in the past and still doesn’t work.

The Pierce & Seal was designed to extend the life of unused caulking for up to six months. It has a triple seal cap that reduces air flow to the nozzle of an opened tube of caulking.

One of the things about the Pierce & Seal, which I am very proud of, is the fact that a growing percentage of these caulk saving tools are made from recycled materials. We rescue thousands of wire hangers from the landfill every week. We have teamed up with local cleaners and have created a rapidly growing recycle program that is turning tons of recycled wire into our Pierce & Seal caulk saving tools.

I encourage you to watch the many videos we have throughout our BPMI-USA.com web site and check back frequently as we have new products soon to come.

I appreciate the comments and feedback from those who use our products and read each one personally.

Thank you for your support.

Ben McClurg



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BPMI now has distribution throughout the United States, Canada, the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. As the reputation for the Drywall Repair Plug, Fireguard Plug and Pierce & Seal continues to grow, so does the request by retailers around the world.

BPMI is among the 3% of small businesses who have had the opportunity to go international within the first five years of starting in business. We are overwhelmed by the positive response the Drywall Repair Plug, Fireguard Plug and Pierce & Seal have been receiving and welcome new markets.


If you are a distributor anywhere in the world, please feel free to contact us. We are currently looking for a distribution source the Drywall Repair Plug, Fireguard Plug and Pierce & Seal in the United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.


Looking to find a local distributor for ordering the Drywall Plug, Fireguard Plug or Pierce & Seal, please feel free to contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate source.


United States – Coast to Coast

Paint Sundries Solutions supply independent paint stores and independent hardware stores like Parr Lumber, Spenard Builders Supply, and Milwaukie Lumber with BPMI Drywall Plugs, BPMI Fireguard Plugs and BPMI Pierce & Seal caulk saving tools.

United States – Northwest

Jensen Distribution Services supply independent paint stores and independent hardware stores like McLendon’s Hardware, Jerry’s Home Improvement Centers and Diamond Home Improvement Centers with BPMI Drywall Plugs, BPMI Fireguard Plugs and BPMI Pierce & Seal caulk saving tools.

United States – Northwest

Horizon Distribution supply independent lumber and hardware stores like Pro Hardware Centers and the Rental Stop with BPMI Drywall Plugs, BPMI Fireguard Plugs and BPMI Pierce & Seal caulk saving tools.


Canada – Coast to Coast

StoreTek Inc supply independent paint stores and independent hardware stores in Canada like Home Hardware and Parker Paint with BPMI Drywall Plugs, BPMI Fireguard Plugs and BPMI Pierce & Seal caulk saving tools.


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